Soil content over time

Asked August 12, 2015, 1:40 PM EDT

Hello, I'm writing from Teton County Library in Jackson Hole. A question on agricultural soil studies is stumping us; I think there must be a simple resource available but we've been overwhelmed maneuvering the amount of information out there, and how much of it is highly technical. We are looking for information on mineral content in farm soil over time, specifically Zinc, Titanium, Copper, Boron, Sulfur, Magnesium. Preferably locally or nationally, charts would be ideal. I'm hoping you- might have some advice about where to access this data. Any ideas? Thank you for your time! Marisa Research Desk Teton County Library

Teton County Wyoming

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This is a great question and will take me some time to look into. I am heading to state fair tomorrow so will get to this early next week. If you need something sooner let me know and I will see if I can find someone else to work on it.


I am sorry for the delay in getting this question answered for you, I hope it is not too late. I spent some time looking and could not come up with a good answer for you either. The challenge is getting consistent data that goes back far enough for any given region. One would need access to years of soil tests!

I would be happy to help you explore this issue further if I had more context. You can reach me at or 347-3431