Pride of Barbados seed pods

Asked August 12, 2015, 1:27 PM EDT

I have Pride of Barbados plants at home and I want to share them. How can I determine when the seed pods are ready? Can they be plucked and then dried, or do they have to "ripen" on the plant first?

Travis County Texas

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You should allow them to ripen and dry on the plant before collecting them.

Dear Ms. Richards,

Thank you! But how do I tell when they are "ripened and dried" enough for collecting? Every day I find new pods that have already ripened, fallen to the ground and emptied out their seeds.

If they are dry, dark brown/purple and they rattle when I flick them, is that when they're ready?

Yes, you are correct in your graphic seed pod ripeness description. Pods will get progressively darker and turn brown, as if they are drying out (because they are). And yes, once you hear the seeds knocking around inside the pod, they are most definitely ripe!

If the seed pods are popping open before you can get to them, you might try bagging them while they're still ripening on the plant. Here are some links to Extension information on seed saving:

Just tried the bag idea now. Sounds great!

Awesome! Keep me posted and/or send pics. :-)