what is the cost per cow/day to cool dairy cows with efficient direct drive...

Asked August 12, 2015, 10:15 AM EDT

what is the cost per cow/day to cool dairy cows with efficient direct drive fans in electric $$

Tuscarawas County Ohio

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In most cases, dairies prefer direct-drive fans primarily

because their performance, when compared

to belt-drive fans, is more easily maintained over an

extended period of use. In addition, direct drive fans are 80% efficient compared to only 60% for belt driven fans.

Belt-drive fans have excellent airflow capacities and operate with comparatively

little noise when first installed. However, as

belts wear, their performance falls off. Either type

works if you’re committed to regular fan maintenance.

Thus, for the same money, direct drive is going to be more cost efficient.

Thanks for the info , but the question was what does it cost per cow/day to run the fans to cool the cows in electric used on average ?? Thanks , Glenn


Ventilation to move air and reduce heat stress can cost approximately $14 per cow per year. (If you now apply the 80% direct drive to 60% efficiency for belt drive would give you the difference in cost per cow per day.)

High-volume, low-speed fans, or HVLS fans, of between 6 and 24 feet in diameter use low horsepower motors (1 HP) to generate energy-efficient air movement for large spaces. It would take six to seven standard alley fans to move the 125,000 cubic feet of air per minute moved by a 20-foot HVLS fan.


The cost is dependent on the operating time of the fan(s), the power consumption of the fan, and the cost of electricity. The power consumption of the fan can be determined in a few different ways, the easiest probably being the manufacturer spec sheet.

Number of fans x power consumption per fan (in kWh) x operating time per day x electricity cost (in $/kWh) = $ per day