Outdoor plants not doing well in Texas heat

Asked August 10, 2015, 6:23 PM EDT

I had planted a trumpet vine next to our fence, and my husband planted a pineapple sage and a pepper plant in a large pot (with drains). They were all doing well until one by one they all had twisted leaves and then turned brown. This was before the 100-degree weather started this month. We would water them every other day (until they turned brown). They had partial shade during the day. Was their demise from overwatering and/or the Texas heat?

Harris County Texas

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It does sound like overwatering. Look at the root system. Healthy roots should be white. If the roots are brown, have a mushy look to them, or have a decaying smell, then there is a fungal problem from overwatering. Allow the pots to dry between watering to ensure healthy root growth.