needs help interpreting soil test results

Asked August 10, 2015, 4:32 PM EDT

I have four garden beds, four raised 4' x 8' beds for 128 square feet total, intended for vegetables. When constructing them, I filled each bed with a mixture of compost and garden soil, roughly a 70/30% ratio of compost to soil. pH test results from the IFAS Extension office indicated that my soil's pH is 7.7, undesirably alkaline. Additionally, I was informed the soil tested positive for carbonates and is calcareous in nature. I purchased two pounds of elemental sulfur with the intention of lowering the pH to below 7. Can you tell me what exactly all this information means and how to go about applying the sulfur? Do I simply till it in?

Hillsborough County Florida

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Bottom line soil pH would only temporarily changed if applying sulfur you have to live with the soil pH you have. If your pH is normally in that 7.7 range, best to continue mulching and composting in off seasons and your garden beds will improve over time.
Also revisit the Hillborough County Extension service for their input: