Sink holes

Asked August 9, 2015, 10:33 PM EDT

I need info. on proper care around the series of 5 sink holes behind our home.

Trigg County Kentucky

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Sink holes are openings to under ground streams, trash, pesticides and other pollutants found in or around sink holes can cause significant environmental problems, most all of them are groundwater contamination related. I have attached a few publications that are aimed more at Ag producers, however the same practices that keep pollutants out of groundwater in crop fields will also work in your yard. The main thing being to keep pesticides a safe distance from sinkholes and keeping a vegetative buffer in place to help filter run off going into the sink hole. There are more resources about covering sinkholes available through the NRCS offices depending on what your goal is and if the sink hole is a danger on your property. Let me know if you have any further questions.

also see:NRCS publication #527- sink hole and sink hole area treatment

Thank-you Mr. C for your timely response on info for sink holes. Do you have any info on "smaller,noninvasive, bamboo that I could get for this area? Sincerely, A. Harper

This publication, should give you some more information about bamboo and some tips on how you are considering using it, there will be a wide range in how tall and how aggressively the plants will spread so take that into consideration if you decide to go that route. Around a sinkhole, you will be mostly stuck with mowing as your control to prevent bamboo from spreading. The chemical controls they talk about might be an option just read and follow the label carefully before using to prevent contamination problems.

This link has some information on riparian buffers and what types of plants are best for different purposes, (sediment filtering, pesticide or pathogen filtering, stream bank stabilization, or in your case sinkhole stabilization).

last I here is a link to some options you may not have considered before, most all these are considered ornamental grasses, but some of them overlap with suggested species for riparian areas and some are even native grasses like switch grass, eastern gamma grass and big bluestem. There may be some options here that will stabilize the area around the sinkhole and provide some attractive cover without being as hard to control as bamboo can be. I hope this helps you get headed in the right direction let me know if I can help. Thanks