Has anyone imported semen from Valais Blacknose sheep into the US?

Asked August 9, 2015, 8:25 PM EDT

The Valais Blacknose sheep breed has been in Switzerland for over 600 years.

I would like to raise Valais Blacknose sheep in Vermont. Has anyone in the US imported semen from this breed from any country? If so, could I please get contact information? If not, I have the VS17-129 form and a contact in Switzerland. Are there any US companies that can import sheep semen from Switzerland?

Thank you

Lamoille County Vermont sheep

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Not to my knowledge. I heard rumor that there might be Valais Blacknose semen sent to Canada this fall, but since the US-Canadian border is still closed to live imports (coming south), the closest option would be for a US producer to import semen from a 1/2 Swiss ram, which would produce only quarterblood lambs, and very expensive ones at that. I encourage anyone with interest in this breed to do their homework on the ideal environment and markets. In many cases, they do no fit as well as the hype would imply they will.