Colorless ooze on willow oak trunk

Asked August 9, 2015, 6:02 PM EDT

My large willow oak is oozing a colorless goo from its trunk about 15 ft. off the ground (see photo). Is my tree in danger? An arborist recently looked at a black bark wound near ground level before the colorless goo began to appear, and advocates treating with Reliant for Phytophthora Canker. Are the two injuries related? Can this tree likely be saved? If yes, will it need repeated treatments?

Howard County Maryland slime flux willow willow tree oozing

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This is probably slime flux, which is harmless. Here are the facts about what that is (it's interesting):

The path of this ooze doesn't seem to go straight down and thus resembles the shiny trail of a large slug--but slime flux is more probable if you are seeing a definite flow of ooze.