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Asked August 9, 2015, 1:26 PM EDT

My lawn is nearly 30 years old originally installed with the typical turf farm sod. We in Colorado constantly see the complaint that this grass requires too much water to remain green in the summer months, but alternatives are scarce. I wonder if it might be effective to overseed my lawn with tall fescue in the fall with the intent that this ultimately take over the lawn?

I also notice that the CSU discussin of Bermuda grass ( seems only concerned with it s elimination with herbicide. The grass works well in extremely hot conditions - Arizona, New Mexico, Florida - why not in Colorado?

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Thank you for your questions.

Choosing a type of grass and what to grow in a water wise landscape is a personal preference. There are
many factors to consider. Do you have animals? Do you have children that will be playing on the grass? How much water are you willing to

Here is a starting point for your research.

This link provides good, research based information on renovating your lawn.
This will address your comment regarding over seeding.

Regarding bermudagrass, there are naturalized biotypes of bermudagrass throughout Colorado, even in the northernmost portions of the state. Some people have used these bermudagrasses for home lawn purposes, often with great success. They will perform in a fashion similar to buffalograss, since bermuda is also a warm-season grass. It can be quite invasive and aggressive because of prolific stolon and rhizome production. When found in most lawn situations, it is considered to be a weed. It is quite difficult to eradicate once it becomes established in a lawn. The varieties Yukon and Riviera have demonstrated excellent cold hardiness and persistence in Fort Collins research plots since 2005.

Please read this information and let me know if you have any additional