Emerald Ash Bore Larvae

Asked August 9, 2015, 7:22 AM EDT

Until recently, I had only seen pictures of the EAB as an adult. While on vacation in a park, I saw a picture of the larvae. This winter two large Beech trees died and fell over. As wood stove owners, we split the wood only to find it riddled with the larvae, which I now know to have been EAB. I also did not realize they affected more that Ash trees. I now worry for the other Beech tree and our oaks that don't look happy. What can I do?

Prince George's County Maryland

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Emerald ash borers do not get in beeches. They attack ashes exclusively. However, there are other borers that can appear in beeches (flatheaded appletree borer), and big borers look almost identical. (You'd probably need an entomologist to tell them apart.)

Also, keep in mind that once a tree is dead, the insects that killed it more out because they live on live trees. Then many insects will lay their eggs there and their borers will begin the decomposition of the tree--however, they occur after the tree is dead and did not contribute to its death. Once a tree is dead, it is almost impossible to determine what killed it.