To chill or not to chill ...a pear question.

Asked August 8, 2015, 2:55 AM EDT

"Growing Pears Presented by Ross Penhallegon" has a chart showing no need to chill my Bosc and Bartlet pears to ripen. "Pears can be ripened to perfection" by Judy Scott ,source David Sugar says both need some chill time. Can you clarify this for me as I have a Bosc and a red Bartlet. thank you , Jim F.

Jackson County Oregon

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There are two chilling's that may be confusing.

To ripen summer pears - Bartlett, red Bartlett, seckel, ripening happens during the summer or without fall cool temps. These are called summer pears. You can pick them right off the trees and eat them.

The winter pears, Anjou, comice, winter nelis - need cool fall temps to ripen. If picked early, require 40-60 days in the cool weather or in the refrigerator to ripen. If you try to eat them, they are very gritty. The cold turns the carbs into sugar. If you try to eat the pears, you are eating the griity carbs, not the sugar.

The second chilling is time to let the pears "sleep" is also called chilling and this usually takes from October to January to get enough chilling temps to produce fruit each year.

I would also need to see the other sources to better see what they are talking about. Sounds like old OSU news articles. I will look.

This is the David Sugar article. I ripen my pears different than David. David spent a life time working in pears in southern Oregon.