Spraying ornamental cherry trees for Peach Tree Borers.

Asked August 7, 2015, 6:29 PM EDT

I treated our ornamental (Snow Goose) cherry tree a month ago for Peach Tree Borers (diagnosed at WSU Master Gardener's) with moth crystals (in yard in Richland WA). (I have sprayed it with Spinosad about July 1st other years and (maybe Iminicloprid)) The trunk bark has split along one side, there are some holes, and base has a canker. The leaves have dried and fallen off on about 10% of the tree along SW vertical slice. Would it be useful to spray with Green Light Spinosad (0.5%) or is it time to give up on this tree? If useful, does it have to cover all leaves and both sides?

Benton County Washington

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I think at this point you may want to consult with a specialist, an ISA certified arborist. They would be able to see your tree and give you the best advice. Here is a list of some ISA Arborists in your area: