Tree struck by lightning

Asked August 6, 2015, 7:49 PM EDT

Hi - Our large chestnut oak was struck by lightning Tue morning, and we want to know if there is anything we can/should do about it. Please see attached photo. The tree is about 84" around in the trunk. The lightning scar is about 2-5" across and goes as high as we can see. The damage is not very deep, as I hope you can see from the photo. Any advice?

Baltimore County Maryland chestnut oak lightning strike trees

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There is nothing you can do to heal this wound. The tree will do all it can. If we have a drought or extended dry period, you might want to water the root area at the edge of the leaf canopy with a hose on a very slow stream, perhaps moving it periodically using a timer. Here is further information:

If the tree suffers significant damage, it will die and need removal. Be sure to contract a tree company with good insurance and have their arborist look at the tree. The arborist should be certified by the ISA (Internation Society of Arboriculture.)