lawn issues caused by oriental grass

Asked August 6, 2015, 3:58 PM EDT

We have a weed like grass that is prevalent in our lawn. It is a very strong and if not cut with a sharp blade it almost looks like rope fibers. we had a lawn service person tell us it is being caused by the oriental grass we have in our flower beds which is spreading seeds onto the lawn and causing this problem. Is that possible since they said we would have to remove all the Oriental grass to stop the problem then the lawn would need special work to eliminate the problem. could you offer advice. thanks

Anne Arundel County Maryland

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If you have an ornamental grass that is self sowing seeds throughout your lawn, you will indeed need to get rid of it to get rid of the problem. When you get rid of the ornamental grass, there will probably be seed still in the lawn, so it will take a while for the problem to stop. There are ornamental grasses that do not self seed and you could consider replacing yours with one that will not send volunteers into your lawn. Whenever you see one of these ornamental grasses in the lawn, it will have to be dug out or painted with glyphosate (RoundUp). vw

Thank you. Not the response I hoped for but I understand.

Just to be clear. The only alternatives are what you proposed

We may be able to give you more help if we know what kind of grass you are battling. Do you know the common name or species?

Please send us photos of the grass. A photo of the grass (with seedheads if possible) in the bed and also a photo of the grass as it appears in the lawn, along with a ruler to help us judge size, would be helpful.