Bluebonnets and pasture grass

Asked August 6, 2015, 2:29 PM EDT

My husband years ago planted bluebonnet seeds and ever since then there has been bluebonnet plants popping up in the late fall. My problem is that I also have a lot of grass that eventually outgrows the beautiful flowers. The plants also grow beyond the little hill and onto the flat ground around it. My husband passed away three and half years ago and this hill of bluebonnets is a sweet reminder of him. He used to cut off the seeds every year when they started popping out to ensure he would have some to scatter again just in case. I want to get rid of the grass issue so I can see the bluebonnets much easier as well as share their beauty with those who pass by.

Should I spray the hill now with the Ortho Grass Be Gone? I've been at a loss as to what to do because I just don't want to lose what he did it or start over with seeds that didn't originate from his doings. I already have plants starting to pop up in the gravel driveway close to the hill.

Burleson County Texas

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Depending on the grass it can be treated in different ways. Bluebonnets are typically seasonal flowers that bloom in the spring. you can surely treat the grass. Without knowing what kind of grass is there its hard to say which chemical to use.
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