Morning Glory Disease

Asked August 5, 2015, 8:41 PM EDT

For the past three years I have had trouble with growing morning glories in one spot in my garden. I have grown them successfully in this spot for about 5 years. The vines are dying from the bottom up. The leaves are turning yellow, wilting, and falling off the vine. Last year there were blooms, but not many. Close to the morning glory vines there are healthy looking vincas, two azalea bushes, a few gladiolas, and a couple of geraniums.

Mercer County New Jersey plant disease morning glory

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Without seeing a specimen of the morning glory plants, it is difficult for me to tell. You could take a sample of your plants, complete with stem and roots, in to your closest County Cooperative Extension office. From what you describe, I suspect the plants may have a root problem, possibly root rot caused by a fungus. Pull up a plant or two and check to see if the roots are healthy (white to cream colored and numerous). Also check the roots for sign of insect damage or insect pests. You may want to rotate the area in your garden that you plant to morning glories and plant something else in that spot next year.

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