Tree diseases?

Asked August 5, 2015, 2:00 PM EDT

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Subject: Tree diseases?

I have a few trees that are doing something that they haven't done before.
One (small crab apple?) is turning yellow and dropping leaves like its fall (img_2506). Another is a maple whose leaves are turning brown and shriveling up (img_2496). A third is a maple whose leaves are spotted (img_2497). They are in shaded areas and are occasionally watered so I wouldn't think it was due to the hot dry weather. Also, they are of differing ages.
I was wondering if you knew of a possible cause or could direct me towards someone who might.

Thank you very much for your time.

Mike Shelton
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Emmet County Michigan

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Hello. Your maple with the spotted leaves has tar spot, a fungal issue. Your best control is cultural, making sure to clean up and dispose all leaf debris in the fall. Weather is the biggest factor for this fungal problem and treating it with fungicides is not usually recommended. Your crabapple probably has apple scab, especially if it is an older nonresistant variety. For further info, please google an article published by the University of Minnesota 'Managing Apple Scab in Ornamental Trees and Shrubs'. I will need some more info about your other tree. Is the browning sporadic through the tree? Is it on entire limbs? When did it start? Are leaves falling off after browning? Thanks for any further help.

Thank you for your time and help with this.
Is the browning sporadic through the tree?
-On this tree it is on ever branch, however it appears to be starting on another tree.
Is it on entire limbs?
- yes, every leaf on a limb appears to be impacted. Most branches are impacted.
When did it start?
- I believe a little more than a month ago... Another tree has started roughly a week ago.
Are leaves falling off after browning?
- they remain for quite some time but occasionally some do fall

Hi and thank you for the further information. For this problem I would suggest consulting a certified tree arborist. You can find one in your area by using this site, The problem could be anthracnose or leaf scorch. I am also hoping the trees are not under stress from improper planting. Trees where the root flare is not visible are often under stress and more susceptible to disease. Good luck.