What can I do to remove yellowjackets from my home?

Asked August 5, 2015, 1:44 PM EDT

It appears I may have a yellowjacket hive under my front porch. What can I do to destroy or remove it?

Deschutes County Oregon

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Please refer to this article by one of our Oregon State University Cooperative Extension horticulturists for tips on yellowjacket removal.

Also, it might be necessary occasionally to destroy a yellowjacket nest because it is near human activity. Here are some suggestions for safe and effective nest removal:

  • Treating the nest at night helps because the worker yellowjackets are inside and relatively calm.
  • Use an aerosol that propels a stream of insecticide "up to 20 feet" so that you can stand off at a safe distance and treat directly into the nest opening.
  • Use products specifically made for yellowjacket control only. Be sure to read and follow the pesticide product label. The label is the final word on what does or does not constitute a legal and safe application.
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