Growing jack be little pumpkins in limited space

Asked August 4, 2015, 10:14 PM EDT

I was wondering if I could grow jack be little seeds in a milk container because I don't have much space. I have heard that pumpkins require a lot of space, even small ones.

Los Angeles County California

1 Response

It would not be recommended to grow pumpkins in even the largest milk container we can imagine. Pumpkin vines require lots of area to 'sprawl' and their root system is rather extensive to accommodate the excessive vine growth. The following publication applies to Maryland gardeners, but you will note the mention of 'Jack-be-little' in the text. Note however, that 'limited space' refers to a smaller garden and not to a container.
Having said all of that,however, we encourage gardeners to experiment. If you choose to try it, take some photos along the way and share them with us.