Unknown weed

Asked August 3, 2015, 8:36 PM EDT

What weed is this taking over my centipede grass? Live in northeast Texas

Hopkins County Texas

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It is a broad leaf plant. It looks like a Sericea Spp.

Thank you. What can I put on my lawn to kill Sericea Spp? Or to keep it from coming back next season? I have centipede grass.

The weed came from a contaminated near by plot or contaminated hay. The important part is to treat to kill it when is small. This time of the year plants (and weeds included) protect themselves by stopping their metabolism and herbicide are less effective. Also, the weed is competing with your lawn and obviously winning. Have you done a soil test to make sure the conditions for the lawn are correct?

Yes I have completed a soil test. Very low on nitrogen so I brought that up to spec. Thanks for the information. What do you recommend I do now?

Because the time of the year and specially the heat and dry weather, I will recommend mowing and apply an approved broadleaf herbicide once the temperature drops. (80F).