What steps do we need to take to cultivate a former sheep farm?

Asked August 3, 2015, 4:25 PM EDT

We have 5 to 7 acres of former grazing meadow that has reverted to wild meadow. We're thinking of cultivating it with organic specialty crops. According to the WebSoil Survey, it is prime farmland, soil type 78B. Should we do the home/yard soil test or something more detailed, rigorous, etc.?

Berrien County Michigan

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If this is going to be organic crops, you need to do some investigating on rules for organic farming in Michigan. You can get a soil test but you will have had to decide on what crop or crops you are going to grow.

But it is also going to be important to do some research on which crops you will be growing and is there a market currently?

Super helpful- thanks. Do you have recommended resources for researching markets, crops, or even joint venture partners etc that work well in this area?

You might try looking at the MSU Product Development Center. You can talk with counselors about agricultural business ideas or plans. Their website: www.productcenter.msu.edu But if you have little or no plant growing experience, this is going to be a steep learning curve.

Thanks much- we'll work with experts who hopefully will have short learning curves.