Khaki duck eggs

Asked August 3, 2015, 2:59 PM EDT

I have 3 female and 1 male khaki ducks that are 5 months old. Yesterday I found an egg in their pen and I haven't found any today. Is it normal not to have an egg today?

Lewis County New York

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I don't think that's anything to worry about. Especially when they are just starting to lay, production can be uneven. I would guess you'll find more eggs in the next few days!

Ok, thank you, I was just worried because I had people tell me they lay one every day and today I havent found any. And why isnt she interested in the one egg?

She will only be interested in the egg if she decides to go broody. Broodiness is a behavior of sitting on the eggs to incubate them. Since Khaki Campbells have been selected for egg production, broodiness is less common than in other ducks, so she might not go broody at all. It would be fairly unusual for a hen to become broody after laying her first egg. I would suggest gathering the egg (assuming it's relatively clean) and using it for your consumption. She will be more likely to go broody in the spring, if at all.