Mow a septic field?

Asked August 3, 2015, 8:51 AM EDT

I have a lake place near Walker, Minnesota, that is 6 years old, as is the associated septic system. I have never mowed the drain field and did not plant any fresh cover. As a result, the field has long grasses and weeds growing over the top. Should I be mowing that field on any semi-regular basis?

Cass County Minnesota

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You can maintain a lawn over the drain field just as you would an ordinary lawn. Regular mowing keeps the weeds in check and controls rodents. Read here about landscaping over septic systems:

In particular, read the paragraph marked "low maintenance lawn grasses" at the end of the fact sheet.

Thanks for your reply. My septic field is actually away from my home in an area where I'd rather not mow at all. I've never planted grass and don't want to. So, the area over the field has wild grasses and weeds growing. Is it ok to just let that be? Again, I'd prefer not to mow at all as long as no harm is done to the field.
Thanks again.

No harm would be done by not mowing.

Your field might be the ideal spot for a no-mow low input grass. Many of these mixes require only one mowing per season. Read here about this kind of "lawn":