drugstore beetles in my pantry

Asked August 3, 2015, 1:15 AM EDT

The little beetles are invading my home. What can we use to kill them with and prevent from coming back. I have taken everything out of the pantry and disposed of all items that had the bettles in them, We cleaned the pantry throughly. Still finding them on windowcills in the kitchen and recently in other rooms. They fit the description of the Drugstore Beetle,

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Management of pantry pests requires continuous, persistent effort at removing and cleaning up the infestation. must focus on finding and destroying their food source(s). Because it sounds as if you’ve cleaned the pantry thoroughly, you’re part way there.

To summarize management strategy:

- Locate and destroy the food source(s), whether in the pantry or not. Foods that may not be in the pantry include dry pet food, bird seed, and craft material such as seeds and feathers. Still other possible foods include seed-stuffed toys or neck warmers; potpourri; food stashed by mice or squirrels that were in the attic, walls or crawlspace.

- After discarding infested items, wash shelves with soap and water, scrubbing corners and crevices or vacuuming them with a crevice attachment to remove eggs and pupae.

- Store all “clean” food, and new purchases, in tight containers. Best are rigid containers that seal with a gasket, or thick-walled plastics with tight lids. Plastic bags for storing or freezing foods are useless.

- Consider storing perishable dry foods in the refrigerator or freezer.

- Pesticides aren’t useful.

- Now that your original clean-up has been completed, remain vigilant.

- Pheromone traps for drugstore beetles may be available from hardware stores, pest control companies, or online.


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