My Fortex pole beans have been attacked by something that is eating the...

Asked August 3, 2015, 12:44 AM EDT

My Fortex pole beans have been attacked by something that is eating the leaves not at the ground and not at the top of the 6 ft trellis. The leaves are gone overnight leaving a stem. Have had cutworms last year but have been treating plants and ground with Azamax. Scarlet runner beans uneffected. No deer and too high for rabbits. Any idea of the cause and the cure?

San Mateo County California

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I'm unsure of the cause. However, I almost bet it's some sort of caterpillar. I notice that tomatoes are right next to the beans. I wonder if maybe hornworm has ventured over to the beans. Look around and see if you notice any excrement. Worms/caterpillars leave a trail usually. Also, when you're examining the plants, always look on the undersides of the leaves. Insects know where to hide. If you suspect a caterpillar, a very safe insecticide is one the contains Bt. That's short for the active ingredient Bacillus thurengiensis. In my part of the country, it is marketed as Thuricide.

My now they have filninished off the pole beans for this season. Have never found a caterpiller on them or the tomatoes near by. Have never seen any bugs during my inspections. Did find that several green tomatoes on the ground were severly eaten so now suspect slugs. Will try something next year to protect agains them. Too late this year.

So sorry. I've never heard of slugs doing that, but I learn new things everyday. Thanks for using We try our best.