varieties of walnut

Asked August 2, 2015, 11:28 PM EDT

I was given last year a quantity of walnuts from an old orchard no longer in production, along River Road north of Eugene. There appeared to be two types. One type cracked easily and released the kernel. Its shape was typical of the walnuts which are sold in stores in the fall. The other type was a distinctive shape that I hadn't seen before. It was longer, not round. The ends came to more of a point. The shell was very hard to crack and the kernel did not come out, no matter how much I worked on it. I wish to know what this "difficult" walnut was. I have searched in vain for information on the Internet. It was not a black walnut.

Lane County Oregon

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This sounds like a butternut Juglans cinerea. The nut is noted for being hard to extract and it has a pointed end. The hull does not stain your hands. This is a choice nut and worth the effort of getting at it.

I know what a butternut is. This is not a butternut. Is there a variety of walnut that it might be?

Unfortunately I cannot help you then. Perhaps with good pictures of the nut and the leaves? It might be quicker to take a sample of both to the Oregon State Extension in Lane County. I am almost sure the agent Ross Penhallegon will know. It is located at 996 Jefferson in Eugene (10th and Jefferson)