planting grass sprigs in Dallas/FtWorth area in the Fall

Asked August 2, 2015, 4:55 PM EDT

When does our average first frost usually occur?

Are we still in a drought?

When do you recommend planting grass sprigs in Fall in this area? I will also plant some in Spring but would like to divide up the work.

Tarrant County Texas lawns and turf horticulture

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You have not indicated what type grass you plan on installing, however below is some general information on warm season grasses for the DFW area which you may find helpful. If you need further assistance please send another email with your specific question with appropriate details.

The average first frost in the DFW area is between November 21 and the 30th, with Dallas being November 22nd. The average date for the last frost is between March 10 and the 15th.

Sprigs. Some turfgrasses that spread by stolons may be

harvested and used to establish new turf. This process is

referred to as sprigging, and it is used primarily for

establishing hybrid bermudagrasses. Sprigging costs more

than seeding but less than sodding. Sprigs are sold by the

bushel. A bushel of sprigs is approximately equal to 1

square yard of shredded sod. Turf should be sprigged in the

spring to early summer period in order to get as

completely established as possible before winter.

Turfgrass establishment methods suited to or

available for use in Texas.

Grass Species Seed Sod** Plug Sprig

Bermudagrass Yes* Yes Yes Yes

Buffalograss Yes Yes Yes NR#

Centipedegrass Yes Yes NR NR

St. Augustinegrass NA## Yes NR NR

Zoysiagrass Yes* Yes Yes NR

Tall fescue Yes Yes NA NA

Kentucky bluegrass Yes NA NA NA

Texas bluegrass NA Yes NA NA

*Seeded types are typically not available as sod. Most improved

bermudagrass, zoysiagrass and St. Augustinegrass do not

produce viable seed and are only available as sod, plugs, or


**Sod producers may grow only certain grass species or

varieties of individual species and may or may not market plugs

# NR not the preferred or recommended method as successful

large scale establishment is difficult

## NA may not be available in Texas or not appropriate method

North Texas is no longer under drought conditions at this time.