Straw bale Gardening

Asked August 1, 2015, 8:21 AM EDT

I am testing "straw bale gardening" for feasibility. Currently just finished 10 days of fertilizing and watering. I am getting hundreds of fungi growth, see photos. What are these growths and will it be a problem when I plant a few fall vegetables this week?

Prince George's County Maryland

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We don't have any research on staw bale gardening.
It looks like you are growing mushrooms there, though we do not do mushroom i.d. as poisonous ones too closely mimic edible ones. It sure looks like maybe it would be possible to grow mushrooms that way!

You should be able to knock them down and continue. Mushrooms grow when moisture/humidity conditions are just right for them. This makes us wonder if the high moisture conditions would also make plant diseases more likely to thrive?
We don't think it should affect edibiltiy of your fall vegetables.