After the Ground Ivy is GONE!

Asked July 31, 2015, 3:09 PM EDT

I need to get a commercial lawn service to spray my yard to get rid of the ground ivy. Just too much there for gal bottles of Weed-B-Gone. My Question?? What will I have left once the ground ivy is gone---esp where it is almost fully covering an area?? Just dirt?? Will grass grow back (or do I just plan to re-seed)??

New Castle County Delaware

1 Response

What you will have left depends on what you are starting with and how the commercial lawn care controls the ground ivy. If they use glyphosate (Roundup) you will only have dirt as Roundup kills everything green it touches. If they use Triclopyr (Broadleaf weed killer) you will have any grass remaining.

Ground ivy is most difficult to control as it is an aggressive, low growing perennial which favors shady, moist and poorly fertile areas. This condition is also detrimental to growing a stand of turf.

It is suggested that you improve the conditions as best you can. Granted there has been a lot of rain this year and you may not be able to get more sun to the area; however, it is suggested that you get a soil test to see if your soil is suitable for growing grass. This should be done prior to the commercial lawn service applies anything as this will affect the results.

After the ground ivy has been controlled your turf most likely will benefit with a reseeding and fertilization as recommended by your soil test.