Can our walnut tree be saved?

Asked July 31, 2015, 2:55 PM EDT

We have been trying to avoid thousand canker disease by doing trunk injections to keep the twig beetle away. Over the winter, about one-third of our tree died off, and we fear we have lost the battle. But it has been two years since I investigated mitigation possibilities. Is there any hope for saving the tree (e.g., removing the diseased section, like cancer surgery)? Is there a way to know that this is for sure? We had a very tough winter and other trees/bushes suffered or died due to the conditions. I will probably have an arborist look at the tree to make sure we are getting correct advice. We hate losing this 50-year old tree.

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1 Response

Please click on the link below for some good information about Thousand Cankers disease that may prove helpful to you. Unfortunately, we don't have enough information in your question to provide any additional diagnosis. As you noted, many trees and shrubs suffered from last year's November freeze. We assume your walnut tree, if already under stress, may have also been partially affected by this extreme weather. A qualified arborist will be able to inspect your tree, and provide an accurate diagnosis.