Aluminum foil

Asked July 31, 2015, 12:07 PM EDT

I like the idea of aluminum foil for the vine borer beetle ,,Squash. how effective is that?

New Castle County Delaware

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I do not have any experience with this method of managing squash pests; thus I cannot comment. I am unaware of a beetle that bores into squash; however there is a moth that does. This insect is difficult to control and once the insect is inside the plant there are few products that are effective. Typically, insecticides are sprayed on the plants to protect them when the larvae try to chew their way into the plant. Timing of application is very important, and the product needs to be on the plant before the females lay their eggs. Products available for managing squash pests can be found at many of the local garden centers.

Thanks Brian... I am a micro gardener so I can pay attention to every plant I grow. The Vine borer Beetle I am talking about looks like an orange and black wasp. It does bore into the vine about 4 to 6in from the base. It lays its eggs (normally one or two). Their mating season is around June 20th to about july 15th. The grubs eat the center of the vine (killing the plant) and then bores into the soil where it waits till next year to emerge as an adult and the process starts all over again. The way I deal with them is to watch for signs of their activity (a brown patch on the vine with what looks like sawdust under it) then I perform surgery. I slit the vine length ways and pull it apart being careful not to damage the vine too much, I take a metal probe and locate the grubs, "murder them" and close and wrap the vine tightly apply some grafting wax and that usually is the end of that. It's not like performing brain surgery but you must have a plan and all the tools (razor knife, metal probe, string or garden tie wire and grafting wax). The plant knits itself back together and goes on to produce normally. I was just looking for a way to thwart the adult from its initial dirty deed. thanks, Jim

You are welcome. Sorry do not know of a reliable method to stop the adult from ovipositing. Have good day.