Plagued by bald faced hornets.

Asked July 30, 2015, 7:11 PM EDT

Hello. Two weeks ago I parked beneath a bald faced hornets nest when arriving at a tree farm to perform inventory work. They descended on the truck and stung it repeatedly, it sounded like a small hail storm. The next day I worked at another location 30 miles away, it took the local colony 10 minutes to find the truck and begin stinging it. When I arrive back at the vehicle eight hours later they are still going at it. This repeats every day. I've tried washing/waxing the truck, coating it top to bottom with enzyme based cleaner to break down the pheromone/venom markings, and as a desperate measure -- spraying it with pesticides. None of those efforts have paid off. Do you have any ideas about how to break this cycle? I fear it can go on all summer/fall. Thank you for your time.

Lane County Oregon

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Very interesting, I've not heard of this intense of a reaction before. My guess is that something other than the painted exterior has been marked such as the tires or the rubber around the windows or even the windshield wipers. I'd try applying something like Amourall (sp?) after thoroughly cleaning.