Poison Ivy

Asked July 30, 2015, 4:54 PM EDT

My front yard has 2 large trees that keeps the ground in shade all the time. Instead of grass, I have Jasmine groundcover in the yard. Mixed in with the Jasmine is poison ivy. At have a yard service who employed a worker who was not allergic to poison ivy and he would pull it up by hand. He no longer works for my yard service and the owner of the yard service refuses to trim the groundcover until I remove the poison ivy. How can I get rid of the poison ivy but not hurt the Jasmine. Thanks in advance for your response.

Dallas County Texas

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This will be tricky. You might try applying glyphosate (Roundup or other herbicide that lists poison ivy on its label)to the leaves with a paintbrush. You want to avoid getting the herbicide on the Jasmine. I hope this helps.