19 yrs question

Asked July 30, 2015, 1:34 PM EDT

I have been using medical marijuana now for over 19 years for treatment of epilepsy. I had uncontrolled grand mal seizures, none of the medicines worked, but med marijuana did. Now, through no choice of mine, I am faced with having to pass a urine test, despite informing my doctors WHY I would be positive for med marijuana, I am scared to stop for one month just to get this urine result. I am scared that the seizures would return in this time period as I have enjoyed these years seizure free. Obviously, I would not dare to drive, but still, just the thought of having a seizure scares me. Im so upset with doctors, they are forcing me to choose between living in debilitating pain or going back to having grand mal seizures. A choice, NO ONE should have to make, especially since I should be dealing with educated people here. I would appreciate your thoughts on stopping this for one month and how possibly my seizure coverage would be affected. Oh, I live in a state where medical marijuana is not yet legal, which is why I cannot just go and ask my doctors.

Allegheny County Pennsylvania

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Sorry for the delay in providing an answer, but you question is of a medical nature, it is not something that can be answered by this service. So you will need to discuss with a medical practitioner.