Something wrong with squash and zuchinni plants

Asked July 29, 2015, 8:56 PM EDT

My squash and zuchinni plants were doing so well and now they are dying off or something. It all started with my squash plants it was a domino effect one would start wilting, vines and base of plant start turning a light brown color and squishy. Now they are all dead and had to be removed. The some of the leaves start turning yellow. I have not seen any cucumber beetles, there's no sawdust for vine borers. I broke one vine off close to the vase and cut it open it was pretty clear and not stringy just mushy.So I'm not sure what's going on. Now im starting to see the same thing in my zuchini I had a big zuchinni and it got squishy with a sticky chalky look to it. The vines and base look exactly the same as the squash. Ugh

Bristol County Massachusetts

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It can be difficult to diagnose the problem accurately based on your photos. Looks like the squash may be growing in a container and squash may be better suited to growing in the ground especially if the container is not large enough.
If you have monitored for the squash vine borer and you have not found signs of frass or borer/borers
then you may want to suspect bacterial wilt. Go to our vegetable website 'Grow It Eat IT' for information on bacterial wilt which is a disease transmitted by cucumber beetles.

The first symptoms are wilting of individual leaves followed by wilting of individual stems and then of entire plants. Wilted vines may recover at night (regain their turgor) but wilt again the next day. Cucumber beetles can be fast and they are shy. It only takes one to infect an entire plant.

No its not in containers the one you see in the picture is after I pulled it up and threw it I'm a container. The zuchinni's are in a 10ftx14ft raised bed. I'm thinking it'd bacterial wilt but have not seen cucumber beetles. If this is the problem what do I do? And next year what should I do because doesn't it infect the soil?