Are these native bees?

Asked July 29, 2015, 11:50 AM EDT

After what seemed like a delayed arrival, some bees are here. I've included three photos below and I'm wondering what type they are. Image 8195 is a regular. I call it a silver bee. Image 7616 is new to me as I've not seen it to photo before this season. Image 7270 is common. This photo is on a coreopsis blossom. Are these native bees? How is the distinction between a fly and a bee made? Thank you. Wanda J. Kothlow

Faribault County Minnesota

2 Responses

The gray insect on the left photo is probably a leaf cutter bee (Megachile sp).

The one in the middle is probably a sweat bee. (Agapostemon sp).

The third is a kind of flower fly (Syrphid sp)

So far as we know, all three are native.

Fly/bee differences: