Please Identify this Ivy in North Texas

Asked July 29, 2015, 10:18 AM EDT

What kind of ivy is this? It is growing on the fence at my house in North Texas. Is it toxic to humans or animals?

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Good morning!! We appreciate your question and hope that this helps.

The ivy on your fence is Virginia Creeper. It is a fast growing deciduous vine that itself is not poisonous. However the berries, which you will see in the spring are. The Lady Bird Johnson Wildlife Center at the University of Texas uses a child's nursery rhythm to determine whether a vine is poisonous, " Leaves in three, leave it be. Leaves in five, let it thrive."

FYI, Virginia Creeper is a fast growing vine that can get 20-35 feet. When exposed to cooler weather, it will display beautiful fall colors. It is Native in most parts of Texas so it is well adapted.

Thank you for your question.

Lisa Chamberlain