nighthawk breeding ground

Asked July 29, 2015, 12:18 AM EDT

I work at a storage facility and our parking spaces that we rent are on gravel and is full of nighthawks that are very active in breeding. My question is is this bird very common? Because there is construction starting to expand our facility and I will be very disappointed that this bird will be vanished from our location.

Cameron County Texas

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Hello and thanks for your question. Nighthawks are a fairly common bird that migrates and utilizes a variety of different habitats, both rural and urban. While they are a common bird, they are in a general decline, with loss of habitat and food sources as factors in their decline. If you have more specific questions concerning your area in the future, you may wish to contact your county Extension office. They are a wealth of knowledge! The office is located on 1390 W Expressway 83 in San Benito. Phone is 956-361-8236.