Are all Calcium Nitrates the same

Asked July 28, 2015, 2:47 PM EDT

I have located a Calcium Nitrate source that does not list the NPK as 15.5-0-0. It is 100% water soluble and is listed as 19% Ca, 26.7% CaO, equaling 78.2% of Ca(NO3)2. Is this an equivalent Calcium Nitrate, as what is listed in this article?

Gillespie County Texas

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The article you are referencing does not appear in this question.
Calcium nitrate may be available in air-stable anhydrous form, or in non-ammonium form, one of which may be what you are looking at. Yet 19% Ca is what we expect in the fertilzer-grade Calcium nitrate.
You do not list the Nitrogen % on this particular product. Regular calcium ammonium nitrate should be 15.5% N and 19% Ca. It is an effective product for injection and hydroponic purposes. This fertilizer is desirable for its minimal-effects on lowering soil pH and offering some calcium for plants (like tomatoes) that need it. Historically, it has been a little more expensive form of nitrogen application.
I'm not sure what your fertilzer needs or purposes, but assuming the N% is around 15%, this should deliver what we expect for Calcium nitrate.

You may want to consider bringing the product to your County Extension office in Gillespie County for additonal help interpreting the product label.