lemon Grass Plant - Stocks turning brown

Asked July 28, 2015, 2:44 PM EDT

I have two Lemon Grass Plants - In one pot there are two plants - Both were doing very good with the leaves growing almost two feet tall. I see that one of the plant the stocks are turning brown - the leaves are still green. I have trimmed the leaves down and I did re-pot plant as well - cut down some roots. Need to do something before the plant dies on me!! I am in Columbia Md. Thanks,

Howard County Maryland

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It can be normal for the stems to be a purple/brown color around the base. If the coloring was in the foliage than you may have cause for concern. This plant grows best in full sun, and warm, moist, humid conditions. It is a heavy feeder. It should be feed weekly with a half-strength solution of a balanced soluble fertilizer from June through September. They can be overwintered indoors over the winter but really do not do well as they require additional lighting.
See the attached link from U of Florida for care