Wondering if this Spider is anything to worry about?

Asked July 28, 2015, 9:33 AM EDT

Found this chap in my garden, it's quite a lot bigger than anything I've seen before, and I was wondering if it was anything special?

Outside United States

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I believe the spider in your photo is the giant house spider or greater European house spider, Eratigena atrica (Family: Agelenidae). This spider was formerly placed din the genus Tegenaria and has been called Tegeneria gigantea, Tegenearia duellica or Tegenerai saeva, but these are now all considered to be one species. Your request only indicates you are from outside the United States, but since you indicated you found this "chap" in your garden, I am assuming you are from the UK, where this is a common species. It is also found throughout much of Europe and has also been introduced into the Pacific Northwest region of the US and Canada. The family Agelenidae are referred to as funnel web spiders, because their web is typically funnel-shaped, with the narrow end of the funnel extending backward into some kind of hiding place like a crack or crevice. This spider normally lives outdoors, but can also be found living inside homes, particularly in basements and cellars. It is not aggressive, seldom bites and is considered harmless or at least not poisonous. If you look up giant house spider on the internet, you can find more information and photos of this spider.

You are correct in your observation of my location, I live in Liverpool, UK.

Many thanks for your response, although I am a little disappointed it turned out to be an average spider.