Squash or gourd -- Is this edible?

Asked July 27, 2015, 7:54 PM EDT

Dear Experts, I have a volunteer plant in my garden taking up a lot of vertical trellis space. Beautiful and large yellow flowers bloomed, looked and tasted like squash blossoms (I only harvested male), but now it looks like gourds are growing, not edible squash. The fruit is bumpy, roundish, yellow with green on the bottom. A picture is attached. Is this edible? Is this a guard? Is this a squash. Any advice is welcome. Many thanks,

Montgomery County Maryland

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Your unusual fruit is the result of cross pollination between two or more cucurbits that you grew in your garden (or were grown in a nearby garden) last year. it is not unusual for the seeds of such crosses to produce unusual fruit that do not resemble either parent fruit, and may display some characteristics of a distant ancestor.
It is likely an inedible gourd.