Stone fruit drop

Asked July 27, 2015, 4:16 PM EDT

My Sun Gold Apricot trees put on alot of fruit this year, the early summer was very dry so I watered the trees. Within 24 hrs most of the fruit dropped,it wasn't ripe, any suggestions; fert., sunlight, etc. My Plum trees , Alderman and Waneta Red also have problems. The Alderman drops all its fruit before being ripe every year, I wonder if it's fert, I've never fertilized. The Waneta Red put on so much fruit it looked like grapes but it's lacking leaves and has alot of dead twigs. I stripped alot of fruit but it's still breaking limbs, could this also be due to lack of fertilizer. Have you heard of Waneta Red Plum trees. Thank you

Lac qui Parle County Minnesota

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Was my question to hard ?

I have no experience with Waneta Red Plum trees, however, they are listed for zone 4.