Miscanthis sinesis

Asked July 27, 2015, 2:10 PM EDT

I might not have the name spelled right but this is an ornamental grass, grows to look like a dark green waterfall about 5-6 feet in the fall. Seeds then and turns a beautiful burgundy at the top with tan feathery seed plumes. I have some that I bought off of a Gardner that was thinning his out. I have bought what I have thought to be the same thing from a nursery, but am not happy with the size of them. I want to get more of them but where do I find big ones? Do I have the name right? I see them on the campus and in other landscapes. Do I have to wait for several years to get the look that I want? We leave our uncut all winter and cut them down in the spring. Is this right? Can I grow them from the seeds? Does the university sell them?

Ingham County Michigan

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Hello. I suggest you google miscanthus plumes and look at "images" to see if it matches what you have. Often the plumes are the best way to ID. If it does not match what you have then look at photos of panicum and pennisetum to make sure you have the right variety. How long ago did you plant the ones you purchased? It can take up to 3 years for grass to reach mature size. Also, there are different cultivars in each variety so some detective work is needed! If these suggestions do not help then send photos of the two you have. Yes, it is fine to cut them in the spring.

Does the university sell them? We live about 7 miles from the campus.

As far as I know there is no ongoing plant sale at the university. If you are looking for a specific plant contact your local garden center and see if they can get a large size of the plant you want.