snails invasion

Asked July 27, 2015, 10:58 AM EDT

the snails in my back yard are eating all of the leaves off of a mulberry tree...I put snail bait pellets around the trunk...but how do I kill the ones that are eating the leaves off of the limbs? They are too high to reach to pull them off.

McLennan County Texas

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It is not common for snails to eat leaves off of trees. How did you identify it was snails/slugs? I am seeing alot of grasshoppers defoliating trees right now in McLennan County. A nice publication on snail and slug control/management is available at:

To prevent snails and slugs from establishing on your tree, remove any surrounding hiding places for the pests, including mulch and leaf debris. Hand removal is effective in eliminating these pests. During the day, look under flowerpots and in other dark, moist places for snails and slugs. At night, inspect the plant for the creatures and pick them off the fruit, leaves and trunk. Drop them into a sealable container and dispose of the container in the trash.