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Asked July 26, 2015, 9:50 AM EDT

Motivated by low survey results, my daughter's school is starting a lunch committee to revamp the lunch options. I'm serving on the committee as an RD but haven't worked with school lunch program since my internship days. Any resources and help to get things moving would be appreciated. There is a kitchen on campus and meals have been made in-house up to this point.

DeKalb County Georgia

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Sorry for the delay in response. I was on vacation.

All of our work with smarter Lunchrooms revolves around adjusting the environment of the lunchroom to encourage the kids to make healthier choices. In addition to content found here in the CoP (articles and archived webinars), check out our other website: .

You can find a number of thing that may be helpful to you and your school, including possible names for food and how to diagnose your lunchroom.

If you need more info, just get back to us here.

Adam Brumberg