Pumpkin leaf disease

Asked July 26, 2015, 6:48 AM EDT

Mature leaf starts out with yellow freckles then spots turn larger and brown, finally whole leaf yellows

Harford County Maryland

1 Response

We can't say exactly what the problem is with your pumpkin. If you can send us a digital photo, perhaps we could give a more authoritative diagnosis.
On the other hand, regardless of the exact problem, it is too late to correct it. Assuming that it is a fungal problem, it would help to know which fungal disease it is, so that we could recommend or help you find a more resistant variety.
Typically, fungal diseases can be prevented but not cured. Prevention involves engaging in a fungicidal spray regimen, beginning before any symptoms appear and spraying the plants every 7-10 days throughout the growing season.
One of the worst fungal diseases is downy mildew, which has appeared in Maryland this year. The following page provides more information about this disease: