Avocado Brown Leaves

Asked July 25, 2015, 5:45 PM EDT

I have a 16 month old avocado tree (about 6 feet tall).
Just recently the leaves are turning brown (see pic).
The first year the tree grew about 16 inches, but this year it has not grown any.
All the current leaves are replacement leaves just this year (previous years leaves dropped).
I monitor the water of the soil and it is not being overwatered nor is it under watered.
Any suggestions/recommendations ?......Thanks

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Thanks for the submission. We have had a pretty irregular year as far as weather is concerned. The symptoms you see are from sunburn. The leaves never had a chance to adapt to the climate change this year. We went from cool, wet overcast days to very hot and sunny days. This rapid fluxation caused sunburn on many plants around landscapes. During the winter, the leaves will shed and hopefully mother nature gives us a more consistent upcoming year.. Thanks again. MP