When to prune Marie Bugnet Rose bushes

Asked July 25, 2015, 3:04 PM EDT

Hi, I have Marie Bugnet Rose bushes, that I purchased 3 years ago from Bachmans. I believe I may have pruned them too late this spring and this is what they look like now. When would you advise pruning them and to what degree? Thank you, Carolyn Colson 952-443-3203 Victoria, MN Sent from my iPad

Carver County Minnesota

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Your rose is a Rugosa type rose. These roses are very hardy and quite resistant to disease. From the photo I see what looks like some dead canes and faded blooms. Rugosas do tend to 'shed' branches. That is, suddenly a whole branch will turn yellow and die for no known reason. You simply cut it off and continue to enjoy your roses. Remove the dead stems and clean up the faded blooms. At that point you can see what needs to be trimmed back but I would only trim what you really feel is necessary. Some of the new growth seems quite light in color. You may wish to fertilize it once yet this summer and make sure it receives enough water.

Thank you.

can you also assist me with identifying this plant? It is currently blooming and is about 8 inches in height.

Sorry for the delay in answering this second question. It is hard to say what it is without the flower being open. Likely choices are allium or dianthus. If you can send a picture of the leaves and open flower it would help with the identification.