Leaf curl

Asked July 25, 2015, 2:03 PM EDT

Leaves on variety of plants in different parts of my yard are curling. Pix are of two: variegated Solomon's Seal and wisteria. They don't seem to be dying. I've asked neighbors and yard people but No one else seems to be experiencing.

Baltimore Maryland

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These two plants are vastly different and do not share t he same diseases and pests for the most part, so the problem is probably cultural/environmental.

Have you used any herbicides in their vicinity, or has anyone else? 2-4D, especially, can volatilize and waft over onto plants at a distance from where it was being sprayed.

Pull mulch away from the base (it should never be piled on the base of plants) and inspect the base for borer holes or cankers/infection.

Has any construction or other disturbance such as new pavers occurred in the vicinity of these plants? Any digging that could disturb roots?

They look very wilted, which usually indicates a root issue. Could be dried up roots from drought/lack of water or dead roots from overwatering/drowning. Both create the same symptoms.